Fireweed restaurant

Good food. Glorious views.


For the 12th year the Fireweed Restaurant will be present at the Great Alaska Craft Beer and Home Brew Festival selling Pizza by the Slice to the happy attendants of the festival.  It's always a thrill to see so many people descend on our little town to enjoy the festivities.

We will be open regular business hours on Friday the 24th with our full menu being offered and will be open Saturday the 25th for dinner only with limited seating and a limited menu. We will be unable to allow any minors on the premise for this one night as it has been a struggle in the past to keep up with the crowds and ensure we have a safe environment for those that are of  the legal drinking age.  We hope you will understand that the sheer size and success of the Great Alaska Craft Beer and Home Brew Festival exceeds the abilities of our little kitchen to keep up with the demand and rather than offer a less than pleasant experience to many, we have decided to do what we can for those that do make it in, with the hope they can have an enjoyable time.  Thanks for your understanding!